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Eightper Taiwan Made 26" Mag Alloy Made In Taiwan 700c 6 spoke bicycle wheel

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The core philosophy & concepts of Eightper are to make quality products that last for infinity. As mentioned before, We always wanted to make bikes that met the stringent standards of boutique manufacturing and picked 8 core concept designs out of 100 that met such standard and further deriving the brand name Eightper. In the near future, we look forward to produce bikes that will change the traditional view of single speed bikes and hopefully gathering a clan of Eightpers.


We also provide you professional components for the Fixed Gear, Fixie Bike, they are Made In Taiwan with stylish deaign and stable quality. 



1. All of the specific could be changed with your demand

 2. The following table of specific is only for reference, you could decide the spec by  yourself. 


Material700c  Mag Alloy         
 Made In Taiwan