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Engine Crankshaft pin and Piston pin

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A professional manufacturer of engine Crankshaft pin and Piston pin, 

The product is suitable for all kinds of automobiles, locomotives, agricultural machinery, ships, air compressors and other engines. Since the establishment of the company. All employees continuously commit themselves to the improvement of process and quality, enabling the company to continue to improve, obtain ISO 9000 quality certification, and pass QS 9000 quality certification. The quality of the products manufactured by the company has reached international standards, and the sales are sold in Asia and Europe. , the United States, Australia, Africa and other parts of the world.

Process capability

Capacity: 1,200,000 pcs/month
Size: outer diameter: 7mm--70mm,
Length: 20mm--300mm

Surface roughnessUnder Rz 0.8(0.8s)
Under Ra 0.2