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Racing Engine Valves

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A professional manufacturer of engine valves, valve guides and valve seats.
The raw material of our engine value, SUH 3 and SUH 35, SUH 36(21~4N),
imports directly from the Japanese Northeast Factory and each batch attached the material testing report. Above all is the standard of the designation for each O.E.M. locomotive and automotive factory around the world. Our engine value also has the characteristics that wear-resisting, anticorrosion, the organization is stable under the high temperature, heat-resisting and so on.

The material of our valve guide is FC-25 and the degree of hardness reaches HRB92~102.
The aperture of valve guide uses the West German newest technology, non-filings processing, that's high evenness, hard skin, can reduce attrition of the engine value under highly activity , but the rub proofness of the valve guide compares the traditional processing way to strengthen above one time.

The valve seat uses a CNC machine-processing way body formation, guarantees the strict request, precision and high quality. The high-level quality, the precise size, meets requirements of each well-known components specialized manufacturer around the world , the size and each process also can be customization.